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You Said We Did 

This page is dedicated to detailing what you are telling us and how we are following up on this feedback

Our 6 Customer Promises outline what you should expect from us along with how we will measure our performance against these statements.  You find further details around our Performance on Performance Page

We have a number of ways in which we look for feedback, 

  • Transactional Surveys following any interaction
  • Complaints procedure 
  • Survey evaluations following any funding granted 
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Feedback via our social media channels
  • Face to face feedback at our community events
  • Consultation sessions
  • Via our Customer Panel 

If you have any comments or would like to get in touch with us please do so via:


Phone: 01698 268 855

Social Media Channels: Twitter or Facebook 

Situation  Learning Action
Customer spent 2.5hours trying to get through to the out of hours service for an emergency repair.  The repair was also not completed within timescale  We need clearer understanding and service arrangements between our Contractors Timetra and their out of hours call handling service.  This will mean we are clearer on what should be happening, what customers are told, what happends through the process and how performance is monitored by Timetra.
  • Senior Asset Officer (SAO) to speak with Timetra to gain insight into contractual service arrangements
  • SAO to ask Timetra for performance information on how Aquarias are managing our calls
  • SAO to raise this specific case to gain insight into what happened, why it took 2.5hours to get through and whether we (CVHA/Timetra/Aquarias) can learn any further lessons 
Customer had made multiple contacts to us to raise issues with the close cleaning service. There were significant delays in us responding to these issues and customers have ended up raising complaints There can be issues with our services, how these are delivered and how they are experienced by our customers.  Delays in responding lead to further frustration and in some cases, complaints being raised.  A lack of clear service standards and effective monitoring of CRM case completion means that customers expectations are not being properly set or managed. 
  • For issues around close cleaning we are going to trial the Contact Centre raising these directly with the contractor.  They will also log these for the Housing Officer to follow up on but the customer issue will be raised straight away, seeking a response and resolution for them.
  • We have improved our communication channels with Complete Clean, this will ensure a quick response from them to any concerns reported
  • We will look at changes to monitoring sheets which will be visable within closes and will detail what work has been carried out
  • We aim to improve transparency on when you can expect Complete Clean to be visiting your close.  We will look at introducing transactional surveys to have real time feedback from you with regards to quality of work 
Customers are not receiving resolutions to complaints within timescales 

Stage 1 Complaints are required to be resolved within 5 working days, these can be investigated by all customer facing staff

Stage 2 Complaints are required to be resolved within 20 working days, these are investigated by Managers 

Complaints timescales are not being met, resulting in Customers having to repeatedly make contact to find out status of complaint.  We need to improve getting back to people about complaints that have been made.

  • Fortnightly meetings now held with teams to discuss outstanding complaints
  • Monthly reminders and reports are sent to Mangagement Team and Senior showing cases completed, not complete and target results
  • Quaterly reports provided to Mangagement and Exec Team who will review all Stage 2 complaints and sample check of Stage 1 Complaints 

Customers reporting poor customer service from our Contractors

We expect Contractors to uphold the same level of customer service standards as all our staff.  Employed by CVG it is important our Contractors are representing us to the highest standard.  

Complaints received have indicated poor performance from our Contractors both in terms of work carried out and customer interaction. 

  • We will look at Contractor values and seek alignment through procurement
  • We will look at what contractors have around training, service standards and Customer excellence
  • We will look at ways to measure this through surveys, scorecards, regualr feedback at meetings 
We have supported a number of customers with both financial aid and energy saving items who are experiencing fuel insecurity 

Customers are telling us their main concerns around the Energy crisis are 

  • Ability to pay increased bills
  • Keeping warm
  • Build up of damp and mould
  • Build up of damp

When asked what support customers would like to see from CVHA, you said:

  • Keeping in touch to see how things are 
  • Advice on how to save money and pay bills
  • Checking homes for heat loss
  • Continued support to manage bills

  • We will continue to seek funding to support our customers, we will be developing a funding strategy to ensure we are targetting our resources to the high priority areas
  • We will continue to plan ahead and offer a range in person events for you to come and speak to us about any concerns you have 
  • Our Energy Advisor will work with our Investment Team to look at issues you may be facing in your home regarding heat loss
  • We will publish guidance around condensation and how to prevent this happening within your home
We have supported a number of customers with Food vouchers who are experiencing food insecurity 

Customers are telling us their main concerns around the cost of living crisis are:

  • Low wages or on benefits and unable to make finances stretch each month to cover all household bills
  • Struggling to keep to keep to a budget as prices keep going up
  • Single parents struggling to cover costs 

When asked what support customers would like to see from CVHA, you said:

  • Coffee mornings to be able speak to staff face to face 
  • Community events to find our what support is available out there
  • Support and guidance from Energy Advisor
  • Guidance and resources around money saving tips
  • Budgeting and Finance workshops/support 
  • Guidance around managing condensation 

  • We have further coffee morning events planned and will continue to plan these in and around a variety of communities
  • We will work in partnership with external organisations to ensure a wide range of support is made available
  • Our Energy Advisor continues to provide advice and support, all customers can request a home visit if they wish
  • We will continue to seek further funding to provide additional support, we will create a funding strategy to ensure we can target our resources to the high priority areas
  • We have published condensation guidance in the form on an animation video on our website.  Guidance has also been published in our Newsletters and Bulletins
  • We are working with three local CAB offices who will be able to provide Financial Support and Advice
  • We have guidance to debt relief charitys on our website
  • We will work with external partners to offer budgeting and finance workshops 

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