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Repairs update 

Our Contact Centre are taking all calls.

You can still report repairs to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by emailing  or completing the online contact form on our website Report A Repair (

For emergency repairs please call 0800 073 0703

To help you understand the types of emergency repairs please read the below examples:

A repair is categorised as an Emergency if attendance by an operative is required to make safe or repair any defect/s that may deteriorate quickly into a health and safety issue or cause significant damage to the property if not attended to.

Examples of ‘Emergency Repairs’ include the following:

significant water ingress to property where the tenant is unable to stem the ingress;

significant leaks from water or heating pipes, tanks or cisterns where the tenant is unable to stem the flow;

burst pipes;

no water supply;

blocked or leaking foul drains or soil stacks;

choked toilet, where there is only one toilet in house;

toilet not flushing, where there is only one toilet in house;

no heating;

blocked flue to boiler;

loss or partial loss of gas supply;

full loss of lighting and / or power,

dangerous or unsafe electrical power or lighting socket, or electrical fitting;

no lighting or power;

faulty cooker control unit;

unsecured external door or windows on a lower level;

broken windows; and

any Health & Safety related issue.

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