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Apply for a House

If you are being considered for a property, we will contact you to complete an allocation interview.  This involves talking to you about your current circumstances, discussing the tenancy agreement and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions.   Once this part of the process is complete, we will obtain a tenancy reference if necessary.  When the offer is approved, and the property is ready for viewing we will make an appointment to meet you at the property to sign the paperwork. 

At the viewing you will be given your tenancy agreement and other paperwork to sign along with the keys.  You will become the tenant from this date and will be responsible for paying the rent, council tax and utilities.

If you have any questions or you would like further information in relation to our letting process, then please call our Contact Centre on 01698 268855.  You can also view our Allocations Policy below.

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Applying for Housing in North Lanarkshire Area

We can only accept paper housing application forms for housing in the North Lanarkshire area.  In order to process your application, the form must be completed in full with appropriate ID attached.  We will issue the form with a checklist of what information is required.  If you return the form and fail to complete it in full or you are unable to provide acceptable forms of identification, the form cannot be uploaded and will be returned to you.

If you are applying for housing in the North Lanarkshire area because your current home does not meet you or a member of your households medical needs, you will be required to complete an additional form called a Health and Housing Needs Application.  We will issue this form with a checklist attached noting required information and documents.  If you cannot provide these we will not be able to assess your medical need to move.

You can request forms by contacting our Contact Centre on 01698 268855 or you can email us at

Other Housing Options

Please contact us so we can give you advice on other housing options that may be available, or even more suitable, to your needs and circumstances.  This may include telling you about: applying to other local social landlords, applying for a Mutual Exchange with another tenant, accessing the private rented sector or the various low cost home ownerships schemes available.

Help and Advice

If you need help to complete the forms, please contact our Contact Centre on 01698 268855 or email

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