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Customer Consultation - Have Your Say 

We have undertaken a review of 2 policies that we would like to share with you for your comments and feedback.  Our policies are intended to make it clear to our customers how we operate, so it is really important to us that you are comfortable with this.

We also want to update you on the work we have been carrying out to develop our new set of Customer Commitments, at the moment we are seeking your views and comments on these to help us finalise them.  Once these have been approved by Board we will be launching these later in the year.

If you have any comments or feedback you would like to provide, please complete our form Have Your Say Feedback Form

If you are unable to access the form, please feel free to email us at with your comments and title email Policy/Commitments Feedback

Customer Commitments

Your experience of dealing with us is of massive importance. We want to get things right for you, provide you with the outcomes you are looking for, as quickly and easily as possible. In 2021 we introduced our Customer Promises. These are based on research that we undertook with customers through focus groups and interviews. We have been measuring your experience of our services through short surveys following customers using one of our services.

Your responses to these surveys have allowed us to see how we are performing against our Customer Promises. The results are published on our website on a quarterly basis - Our Customer Promises

These survey results have shown strong results across all of the Customer Promises. However, we are always seeking to improve and have identified the are of ‘keeping commitments’ or ‘doing what we say we will do’ as a key area in which we need to improve. In 2023 we carried our some further focus groups with customers to understand their views on this important area. Following this, we carried out a review of our service standards and did some research into what other organisations are doing in this area.

The outcome of all of this is our new set of Customer Commitments that we are delighted to be sharing with you for your comments and feedback. These Customer Commitments sit alongside and compliment our Customer Promises. We have attempted to keep these as simple to understand and measure as possible – this is intended to make it really clear on what will happen when you are requesting a service from us, including how we will keep you up to date when we aren’t able to resolve things straight away.

The key points to note are that:

  • The Customer Commitments outline what you can expect depending on your method of contact with us
  • The Customer Commitments make it clear on the timescales for us coming back to you with updates and resolutions
  • We will measure and monitor our performance against these commitments so ensure that we are keeping these, and taking action to improve where we are not

This set of Customer Commitments are in draft. We are looking for your views and comments on these to help us finalise them. Once we have a final draft, this will go to our Board Members for their approval.

We are planning to launch the new Commitments later in the year. We will communicate with all customers to let you know when these are going live.

Our Promises Snip

Getting In Touch Snip

Gettings Things Done Snip

Allocations Policy Review 

Pretty much all of our properties are in North and South Lanarkshire Council areas, and we are partner organisations of the Common Housing Registers within both of these local authority areas. This means that we work to the Allocations Policies of North and South Lanarkshire Councils. The review of this policy hasn’t changed our policy position at all but has sought to shorten and simplify the structure and content of the policy to make it a bit easier to understand and navigate.

You can read the full Allocation Policy here Allocation Policy Draft

or watch this short video for a general overview of what the Policy is about

Arrears Policy Review

Whilst the vast majority of customers pay their rent in full and on time, rent arrears are an unfortunate reality. For the most part, these occur as a result of households being under significant financial pressures. We take a supportive and understanding approach to the management of arrears but we need a robust approach to ensure that any arrears balances are managed and minimised. There are no significant changes to the policy as a result of this review and our approach to arrears management remains largely unchanged.

You can read the full Arrears Policy here Arrears Policy Draft

or watch this short video for a general overview of what the Policy is about

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