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About us 

Clyde Valley Factoring Ltd (formally known as Nova Property Management) is part of the Clyde Valley Group and has been factoring properties in North and South Lanarkshire for over 20 years. We currently provide factoring services to over 3000 properties. We aim to provide a high-quality factoring service that offers value for money, meets all legal requirements, and delivers excellent customer service.

All customers are issued with a copy of our Written Statement of Services once we are made aware that you have purchased a property which is factored by us. The document explains all the charges that you, as the property owner, will be liable to pay. It also explains our role as your factor and what you can expect from our factoring service.

If you have misplaced your written statement of services and would like to request another copy, please contact a member of the team and we would be happy to reissue you with a copy. 

All our factoring customers are charged an annual management fee of £95.23. This charge covers the following work:

administering landscape maintenance (including inspection of landscaped areas and instruction of works by technical staff and specialist landscape maintenance consultant).

administering common repairs (including inspection of common repairs as well as instruction and overseeing of such works).

administering payments to contractors and consultants.

liaising with homeowners in relation to major works.

preparing and issuing invoices to homeowners.

processing payments and recovering debts.

dealing with property factoring enquiries.

Customers are also charged their share of any common repairs, services, and any additional administration charges in accordance with our Arrears Policy, Factoring Policy and Written Statement of Services. For more information regarding your factoring invoice, please see the Invoices and Payments section of our website 

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