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Financial Wellbeing & Income Maximisation

Everyone can struggle with bills at times. illness, sudden death, loss of employment, change in Benefit, relationship breakdown; all of these factors can affect any one of us at any time.

During difficult times, you may feel overwhelmed and you might not know what to do

Paying your rent and keeping your home secure is essential. If you are struggling, the most important thing to do is to seek help.

Did you know?

We have a dedicated Revenue Team. You will have an allocated Rent Officer who can work out an affordable and reasonable re-payment plan with you. They can arrange an office appointment, or home visit, if you are unable to call at the office.

They will work through an Income and Expenditure assessment with you and this will help us agree a re-payment arrangement with you to deal with your rent debt.

We also have two Income Maximisation officers in the team. We can arrange a referral to them to check that you are receiving the Benefits you are due and/or to help you claim for Benefits you may be entitled to.

You may also be entitled to other help. We can sign post to Money Advice services, Food banks, help with School Lunches, the Scottish Welfare Fund and Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Step Change 

Step Change are a team of debt experts who help 635,000 people a year to deal with their debt problems. With 25 years' experience, you can be confident that they can provide the advice and support you need to achieve long-term financial control.

Steo Change offer free debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation. They will then provide practical help and support for however long it’s needed.

You can get debt advice from them online or over the phone. Either way they will follow a simple, three-step process to deal with your debt:

  • We’ll help you work out your budget, income and debts
  • We’ll use this information to find a solution to your debt that suits your situation
  • We’ll set up your debt solution, and offer support however long it's needed

To read more about the range of work Step Change carry out and how they can help you with debt advice visit their website by clicking  here 

To complete their referral form click  here

Scottish Government Tenant Hardship Loan Scheme 

You may have experienced loss of income due to Covid. If this is the case, please call us to see if there is any advice we can give. 

The Scottish Government has introduced a new Tenant Hardship Loan scheme. This is an interest free loan to assist people who have fallen into rent debt as a direct result of Covid. It will not replace Benefit assistance and there are regulations and conditions.

We can't make the application for you but we can give you help and advice if you feel this is something that would help you. If want help and advice on making an application you can find our contact details here   

Discretionary Housing Payments

This is a fund administered by Local Authorities. Each Local Authority is responsible for deciding if you are eligible or note. Discretionary Housing Payment can be made if you:

claim Housing Benefit but it doesn't cover all your rent

claim Universal Credit but still can't afford your housing costs

need help with removal costs 

For further information on the Hardship loan please click here 

To start your application please click here

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund helps families and people in Scotland who are on low incomes through Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants.

You can apply for a:

  • Crisis Grant - if you’re in a crisis because of a disaster (like a fire or a flood), or an emergency (like losing your money or an unexpected expense)
  • Community Care Grant – to help you or someone you care for start to live, or carry on living, a settled life in the community.

Please look online at for further details.

For further help with money problems; 

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