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Scottish Housing Day 2023

This year, on Scottish Housing Day 2023, Clyde Valley Housing Association is excited to join the celebration of housing as a dynamic and fulfilling career choice and throughout the week, we will be sharing some of our team's stories with you, as we want to underscore the significance of housing as an essential sector in Scotland.

In Scotland, the rented housing sector manages approximately one million homes and employs tens of thousands of dedicated practitioners who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of tenants. The vast majority of housing practitioners engage with residents with respect and empathy, embodying the core values of our profession.

The recent publication of "Housing to 2040" highlights the increasing expectations placed on landlords, letting agents, housing practitioners, and developers. We are called upon to deliver even more value to tenants and customers through the services we provide. This, in turn, places a responsibility on employers to foster a skilled, knowledgeable, and ethical workforce that can enhance housing outcomes for our communities.

Carron Garmory, Chief Executive of Clyde Valley Housing Association, enthusiastically expresses our commitment to Scottish Housing Day. She underscores our unwavering support for housing initiatives and the advancement of careers within the housing sector.

“At Clyde Valley Housing Association, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and facilitating career growth. We offer various programs, including apprenticeships, GEM graduates, graduate apprenticeships, and a rich history of individuals who embarked on their journey in junior roles at Clyde Valley and have since thrived in their professional development. Our stringent recruitment processes ensure that promising individuals are provided with opportunities to progress within our association.

What sets Clyde Valley apart is our commitment to attracting talent from diverse backgrounds, transcending traditional housing sector recruitment. We have successfully welcomed individuals from industries such as manufacturing and banking, harnessing their transferable skills to infuse fresh perspectives into housing associations.

By actively seeking candidates from various fields, Clyde Valley Housing Association has cultivated a team of professionals with a wide range of talents and experiences. This diversity enriches not only our organisation but also empowers us to address challenges from multiple angles, ultimately benefiting the communities we serve.

When individuals join Clyde Valley Housing Association, they quickly realise the satisfaction of contributing to an organisation whose values align with their own. It's more than just a job; it's a mission. This shared purpose fuels the passion and dedication of our team.”

As Scottish Housing Day approaches, Clyde Valley Housing Association stands proudly as a symbol of unwavering commitment to housing and career development within the housing sector. Carron Garmory and our entire team eagerly anticipate celebrating this event and continuing our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the communities we are honoured to serve.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

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