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Keeping you safe

Putting our customers first is at the heart of what we do, keeping you safe in your home is a key part of this and is a key commitment we make to you.

This means ensuring all safety checks are up do date within your home at all times. 

Gas Safety

We want to assure you that we now have a valid gas safety certificate for every one of our homes. We have reviewed our processes, worked closely with our gas contractor City Technical Services and put a range of improvement actions in place. 

One of the things we have done is create a more robust system to ensure that we allow more time before the 12 month deadline to get access to homes. We take your safety very seriously and we want to continue to work with you to complete your annual service on time, every time. 

Whilst the pandemic continues to impact on access to your homes, when you receive a letter please respond immediately. We can confirm that CVHA comply and continue to aim for excellent governance and this can be evidenced through the publication of our Annual Assurance Statement to The Scottish Housing Regulator. 

Electrical Testing & Fire Safety Measures 

We are in the process of renewing electrical certificates for some of your homes and in some instances this will also involve the installation of an interlinked smoke alarm or an upgrade to your existing one. You will either have received a letter from us or will receive this letter shortly. 

Please take time to respond to this letter by contacting the number on the letter to make an appointment or change the appointment provided for the work to be carried out on your property. 

By responding and making an appointment you get to be in control of when this happens. By not responding, this may lead to a forced access appointment which means this will happen at the time we arrange for you. These are critical works to maintain the safety in your home so please respond and provide access to allow this works to take place. We will minimise disruption to you as much as possible.

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