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New phone system in place

As of Wednesday 17th February we have introduced a new telephone system which will ensure we can improve our customer service to you and ensure your calls are dealt with in a managed and consistent way. 

During lockdown last year we introduced a free version of RingCentral to allow us to manage calls remotely.  With this system we were able to introduce direct dial numbers, however what we found was that those of you who used a direct dial number, we tended to miss a large portion of your calls due to the person who the direct dial belonged to being busy, on another call, on lunch, in a meeting, on leave etc and so on. This would not have been clear for you and unfortunately you would have had experiences where you were unable to get a hold of the staff member without being able to leave a message or knowing the reason why your call wasn’t being connected.  

On the flip side when you used our main number and went through the associated phone links there was a far higher percentage that your call would be answered.  A direct dial seems like the ultimate in customer service but it can fall down very quickly and, as the evidence has shown us, provide a pretty poor customer experience. 

As such, we have moved to Horizon for our phone calls, we appreciate this may be frustrating over the next short while as there has been a couple of phone changes during the course of last year as we continue to work home.  However we are confident that moving forward this will enhance your customer experience and allow you to get ahold of one of our team much easier. 

If you have direct dial number and you try to call with this you will be asked to hang up and re-dial the main CVHA number which is 01698 268 855 please save this number for ease of use to contact us.

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