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Customer Service Excellence

Clyde Valley recently undertook its 3 year accreditation which involved completing a self assessment based on 5 categories made up of 57 different criteria elements to meet, plus a two day assessment which involed our assessor talking to staff, customer and some of our partnership agencies.  

We are delighted to have not only been re-accredited but also to have been awared a further 3 Compliance Plus awards taken our total to 10, which is a testament to the hard work of our staff and our focus on providing excellent customer service.

Highlights from our assessment include:

  • MASSIVE commitment to a brilliant customer experience across the whole organisation and superb role models - if we could give compliant +++ we would. It goes through CVG like a stick of rock
  • Our customer insight development has been fantastic with things like CX feedback and outbound calls from the team to customers during the pandemic;
  • The work to reach out to and support vulnerable customers including calls and foodbank donations, our outstanding income maximisation work. What stood out with ICO work was the care in which we do it and the value customers place on it;
  • Amazing testimonies from customers themselves on the care you all take and empathy in how you treat customers -genuinely how you'd like to be treated yourselves;
  • The simple thanks we give each other for a job well done;
  • That you feel empowered to make decisions at the front line to help and support customers and do the right thing by them;
  • Our partnership work, networking and benchmarking stand out (special mention of the Barnados project to support young people leaving care). It was commented on that unlike many others, we don't benchmark for the sake of it; it has purpose and it's done across CVG e.g CX was a team idea and taken on. And we promote and share externally what we do.

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