Current Mutual Exchange Request List


Mutual Exchange List
9/07/2019 Inglefield Gardens Hamilton 01698 523368 First floor flat Gas 2 bedrooms No Hillhouse or Blantyre 3 or 4 bedrooms,Would consider most types of properties New bulid property, comminal gardens
24/07/2019 Mallard Lane Bothwell Contact CVHA  01698 268855 Bungalow Gas 1bedrooms yes Motherwell 1 or 2 bedroom flat of house Back and front door with front and rear gardens, must be seen
24/07/2019 Alexander Gibson Court New Stevenston Contact CVHA 01698 268855 Third floor flat Gas 2 bedrooms No Hamilton, Wishaw or Motherwell 2 bedroom house or foir in block
24/07/2019 Catacol Court East Kilbride Contact CVHA 01698 268855 Top floor flat Gas 2 bedrooms No East Kilbride only 3 Bedroom house only
13/08/2019 Academy Street Coatbridge Contact CVHA 01698 268855 Flat Gas 2 bedrooms Communal Gardens Coatbridge 2 bedroom back and front door property Current property has 2 bedrooms, open plan livingroom kitcken, old library conversion
14/08/2019 Omoa Road Cleland Contact CVHA 01698 268855 Upper Maisonette Gas 2 Bedrooms Shared Motherwell 2 bed house or lower four in block
14/08/2019 Louis Braille Lea Contact CVHA 01698 268855 2 bedroom house Gas 2 Bedrooms Yes East Kilbride 3 Bed house
14/08/2019 Myers Court Uddingston Contact Mr McElharon 07367 591451 Top floor flat Gas 2bedrooms No Bellshill, Bothwell, Hamilton 1 bedroom flat Modern built flat, no pets, spacious rooms, top floor, close to shops, train station
16/08/2019 McTaggart Crescent Ravenscraig ML1 4ZH Contact Mr Savage 07717 768065/ 01698 597800 End Terrace Gas 2 bedrooms Decent sized front and big back garden Carfin/Ravenscraig area 3 or 4 bedroom house The house we are in just now is a pleasant area to live in with a swing park directly across the street from us. The neighbours are really good also. The front garden is very good and the back garden is even better with a lot of space to work with if got kids or any pets.
12/9/2019 Langside Avenue Viewpark G71 6LF Contact CVHA 01698 268855 New Build Bungalow Gas 2 bedrooms Front and Rear Uddingston, Tannochside or Langside Avenue 2 or 3 bedroom house
04/10/2019 Stonehall Avenue Hamilton Contact CVHA 01698 268855 Upper four in block Gas 2 bedrooms Yes Stonehall Avenue Hamilton 3/4 bedroom house
04/10/2019 Main Street Bellshill 07595 253881 first floor flat Gas 2 bedrooms No Mossend 2 bedrooms lower four in block
04/10/2019 Chesters Crescent Motherwell Contact CVHA 01698 286655 Lower four in block Gas 2 bedrooms Front and rear gardens Motherwell 3 bed house with garden
04/10/2019 Alexander Gibson Court New Stevenston Contact CVHA 01698 286655 Ground floor flat Gas 2 bedrooms No Ravenscraig,Carfin or New Stevenston 2/3 bedroom house with garden