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Rent First This Christmas!

Rent Christmas Post

Christmas is an expensive time when we are all tempted to overstretch our budgets during the festive season. In addition, the Association is aware people are feeling the impact of the cost-of-living increase.

Whilst CVHA acknowledges that our tenants’ financial priorities may change in the run up to Christmas, we wish to encourage all customers to pay your rent to prevent any risk to your tenancy.

You could try getting ahead by making additional payment to your rent account every week and if possible, accrue one month’s rent in advance. This may give you peace of mind and ease the pressure in the run up to Christmas.

We would urge you to continue to make payments throughout the festive period to prevent falling behind. It will be easier to do this than have to make additional payments to catch up after the Christmas period.

It’s important you speak to us if you think you will struggle to pay your rent during December. Get in touch with us by calling your Revenue Officer now to set up a payment plan by calling 01698 268855. Our Officers will be happy to help you. We can make referrals to Income Maximisation Officers and Advice Agencies who can offer you additional support.

We’re sending payment reminders to all our tenants this year to help prevent our tenants from falling into arrears and avoiding associated problems.

We want you to enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations particularly since it’s been a very challenging year. We don’t want you to stop buying presents for your family and friends, but we would suggest you budget wisely and prioritise rent payment above all else to prevent any risk to your tenancy.


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