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Food Banks

Food banks have been developed to help people in times of crisis. You may need this service due to an unexpected change in circumstances, sudden loss of employment or delays in your Benefit.

In order to get help from the food bank you will need to be referred with a voucher.

Referral process

Each food bank works with different frontline professionals, such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and the Citizens Advice who make referrals to the food bank using a voucher. The food bank and referral agency use the voucher to gather some basic information. This will help them to identify the cause of the crisis, offer practical guidance and prepare suitable emergency food.

There are a number of different food bank providers operating in North and South Lanarkshire. Trussell Trust & Basics Food Bank are the largest providers in Lanarkshire. Please search on the internet for locations near you. If you need help and assistance please give us a call on 01698 268855.


As part of an application made to the Community  Resilience  Funding we  are really pleased to have received funding which allows to be working  in  partnership  with  Barnardos  Youth  Housing  Support Service to deliver Family Housing Support Services to customer of ours who are experiencing challenges within their lives.  This service will be invaluable in helping families to become more confident through a mixture of  individual  and  group  work  and  referrals  to  other  agencies.   

The  provision  of  support  services  for  families  is  critical  to  addressing poverty, inequality, health and attainment.  This aim of this service is to help families achieve a settled housing outcome through  improved  resilience  and  opportunities  to  develop  their  health and wellbeing.  Our  dedicated  part  time  Family  Housing  Support  Worker within Barnardo’s can assist families and children by:

• Providing coaching to parents so that they feel included and involved in decision making;

• Enabling families and children to recognise their strengths and resources;

• Improving safety;

• Providing family support to improve the confidence and support networks of the family;

•  Prevent  homelessness  where  possible  and  where  this  is  not  achievable  mitigate  the  impact  of  homelessness  and  trauma on children;• Improving attainment for all children;

•  Improving wellbeing;

•  Advocating  for  the  best  interests  of  families  and  children  across all partners;

•  Promoting  and  advocating  trauma  informed  approaches; 

The  Service  will  work  with  families  and  children  affected  by  Covid19  Pandemic  and  or  wider  social  and  economic  factors that impact on our customers’ ability to thrive and sustain their tenancies.  The  service  will  look  to  establish  wider  community  links  and  activities that you will be able to get involved with, all with a view to improving overall wellbeing.

If you think you could benefit from this service please contact one of our Housing Officers on 01698 268855 or email and  we  will  make  arrangements  for  the  Family  Support Worker to contact you.

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