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Update: 29/06/20

As of Monday 29.06.20 we will be re-introducing the forced access procedure for gas servicing with the exception of anyone who is shielding or self isloating.  It is imperative that customers provide access to ensure the annual gas servicing visit is carried out for the safety of tenants.  This is our fall back position and normal procedure prior to lockdown.  Until the Government say otherwise there will be no change to the standard repairs message at this time. 

For up to date information regarding our repairs service please see information detailed within the COVID tab on our website under Repairs 

For all up to date numbers please see our CONTACT page

Before you report a repair online, answer these questions.

1. Is the repair an emergency? If your repair is an emergency call us on 0800 073 0703 - do not report it online. This could be a major water leak, no power or no access to toilet facilities. Emergency repairs are attended to as a priority and we aim to complete all of these within 4 hours.

2. Is is a non emergency repair. You can report all other repairs online. We will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment time to have the works done. We categorise these are Routine and Urgent Repairs. Urgent repairs can be minor leaks, part power failure or door entry failure. We aim to deal with all urgent repairs within 72 hours. All other repairs are called routine repairs and these are attended to within 10 working days.

3. It is outwith working hours. If you wish to report a non emergency repair outwith office working hours then you can do this by clicking the Non Emergency Repairs button below.

If you wish to repair an emergency repair outwith office hours (Monday to Friday from 9-5) then please use these emergency numbers.

Gas Escapes - 0800 111 999 

Heating Repairs - 0844 579 6493 

All Other Repairs - 0845 877 0411

4. Is it a rechargeable repair? Sometimes repairs are needed that are not the result of normal wear and tear. Instead, they are due to criminal damage or have been caused by accident, negligence or misuse by you, a member of your household, or any pets or visitors to the property. In these cases, we will carry out the repair or work, but we will charge you for it. You will be advised further of this when you report it to us.

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