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Digital Engagement Success during Covid-19

Clyde Valley Housing Association (CVHA) has welcomed a 49% response rate from its customers after launching a regular digital wellbeing survey.

Nearly 3,000 surveys were sent out via email and SMS using the CX Feedback Emergency Monitoring tool. The response rate was received on the first two rounds of surveys.   

At the early stages of lockdown, the CVHA Customer Services Team had already made around 1,000 outbound welfare calls to their more vulnerable tenants. Moving to the new digital system is allowing the association to follow up on these initial calls, reach a larger number of people faster and target resources where they are most needed. 

Initial data collected from the responses identified tenants who are shielding and those who need:

  • basic supplies
  • help and advice as a result of hardship
  • support services due to impacts on their mental health.   

CVHA has also been able to gather and analyse further information around what is important to its customers just now, in terms of services and communication:

  • Most customers reported they wanted to be contacted by text.
  • Customers are most interested in the repairs service getting back up and running.
  • Customers seem to be keen to move towards face to face contact again.
  • Most of the customers’ income hasn’t drastically been affected by the Covid crisis.
  • CVHA is also phoning all customers who do not have digital means of completing the survey.

Caroline Hotchkiss, CVHA Customer Service Manager, said: “During the challenging times we have all been facing, it can difficult to know if we are getting it right for our customers. 

"We have quickly adapted to a different way of working and different ways of providing our support and services.  The Emergency Monitoring tool, provided by CX Feedback, was a great way to reach out to our customers in a quick and efficient manner. The tool allows our customers to identify if they are at high-risk of Covid-19 and inform us of their wellbeing during this time. It has given us insight that the majority of our customers do have support around them at this time and enabled us to respond quickly to those who have required extra assistance. Our team has been doing a brilliant job, and we have been touched by some of the comments we received from customers.”

John P Wright, CVHA customer, said:

“I filled this questionnaire in, and, within a couple of days, my housing officer had phoned me.  This housing association has been amazing, ever since my mother was unwell, and I have been caring for her for years and then looking after my aunt for 18 months. While they were alive, Clyde Valley Housing were outstanding. Everything my mum needed altered, or stuff taken out so she could get about, Clyde Valley sorted, all within a couple of weeks, if not, days. Ever since my mum and aunt came home. Clyde Valley were outstanding with me and helped me so much. Above and beyond what I expected. Even right till now, they are still helping, supporting with anything else I require.  Thank you so much for everything”

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