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Apply For A House

Apply For Housing

If you are 16 years of age or over you can apply to go on to our housing waiting list.

However this does not guarantee that you will be allocated a property, as we have far more demand than available homes for let. Applications are scored using a points system based on your circumstances and when you apply you will receive notification of your points within 10 working days.

To apply you need to complete a Housing Application Form. We operate a Common Housing Register which means that if you want to apply to a number of landlords, including the Council in the area then you only need to complete 1 form. We can post you out a form on request or you can download it. There are 2 forms - one for each Council area.

All landlords will assess your applicaton against the same clear set of criteria. The single form makes the application process much easier.

Other Housing Options

Please contact us so we can give you advice on other housing options that may be available, or even more suitable, to your needs and circumstances.  This may include telling you about: applying to other local social landlords, applying for a Mutual Exchange with another tenant, accessing the private rented sector or the various low cost home ownerships schemes available.

Help & Advice

If you need help to complete the forms, please contact our office on 01698 268855 or email

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